Dairy Packaging


We offer sturdy disposable food containers made of quality plastic. Our containers serve a variety of industries that depend on the freshness of perishable food products, grocery shops, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, poultry suppliers, cafes, etc. We globally distribute take-away boxes & packs, catering containers, salad or sprout containers, bakery packaging containers, cooked meal boxes, Punnets, Clamshells, snack holders and cover lids. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit allows us to customise orders in terms of container sizes, shapes, colours & branding.


Item : 40ml / 50ml / 80ml / 90ml / 100ml / 125ml / 200ml / 400ml

Dimensions : 63mm x 70mm x 75mm x 80mm x 95mm (Mouth Diameter)

Available Material : PP & HIPS

Available Colours : White / Clear

Packing per Shipper : As Per Client

Lid : Optional